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Family and Marriage Pastoral Counseling
Depression, Family Tension, 
Strained Relations, Low Self Confidence  
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MOSAIC Faith-Based Counseling & Training © 
II Cor. 1:3-4
We are Pastoral Counselors  
Our counseling ministry is faith based, in the Bible, and is designed to meet the emotional needs of individuals, couples, and families in the community.
The goal is to enhance, nurture & help clients to maximize their overall potential to build stronger & healthier foundations. A Biblical perspective is used & will be the foundation from which to address individual & family needs for all who decide to adhere to it .

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We are certified in Temperament Counseling.
Temperament determines how we interact with our environment and the people around us.  Temperament also determines our perception and understanding of ourselves and of the people who love us.

Mosaic Counseling is a non-profit, professional organization, dedicated to the advancement of faith-based approaches and principles in Biblical counseling.

Mosaic, Counseling, NashvilleTN
Members of the National Christian Counselors Association
Generally asked questions
  1. How long is a session
    Generally a session last one hour. but can be determined by the counselor
  2. Cost
    We do use a sliding scale. Our average cost is around $50-$70 per personal session. Sorry we currently do not accept insurance.
  3. Personal Information
    All information is private and confidencal unless the information will hurt you or others.